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Greenhouse Clips

Protects from external factors of greenhouse greenhouse, Greenhouse protects from external factors of greenhouse cover used to be attached to the greenhouse skeleton.Used greenhouse cover in the rain, snow and wind, such as during exposure to the basic external factors of the greenhouse protects the integrity, in the case of external exposure to intensive greenhouse also prevents harm to the skeleton. Various grooves used in greenhouses skeleton and greenhouse border is produced according clips.

Mulch Filmi(Mulch Naylon)

Especially in greenhouses in irrigation and in the open field planting, preventing the loss of soil, surface water evaporation and humidity, water, fertilizer and drug-saving when the soil vitality, preserving the temperature and humidity to ensure the plant's rapid and healthy development requires the use of mulch film. The films used will prevent the development of unwanted weeds, and roots of plants are protected.Among the peoplemanşlama, kara nylon, also known as mulç.